Church fundraising in Canton , MS

Passive funding for churches

Rx Aid is seeking churches in Canton and the surrounding area to participate in our passive funding program. We have developed a unique way for churches to increase their revenue with minimal involvement. We are looking forward to developing deeper ties in your area and save people money on their prescription needs.

What is passive funding?

Passive fund raising is a relatively new development opportunity that happens every day of the year. This strategy includes programs such as online shopping, search engines, collecting box tops and milk caps, etc in return for small amounts of cash. As one might imagine, this strategy involves setting up programs that automatically generate streams of income without exerting much effort after the initial set-up phase.

Why is passive funding useful for churches?

Churches already provide many services for their congregation and for their community through things like day care, clothing drives, soup kitchens and pantries. Finding the funds for these services plus normal overheard, takes away attention from the service itself. In these tough economic times, many are struggling to pay their bills and do not always have the ability to aid the church as much as they would like or at all. Passive funding is a way to have another form of funding that requires little effort to maintain after the initial set up and would allow the church to focus on being able to continue providing the services they currently do, upgrade their programs or begin new ones.

How does the money come back to your church?

Your church will be given a unique tracking number on the free prescription discount card. A person gives the free discount card to the pharmacist when they are filling their prescriptions. For each prescription that is discounted and your tracking number is used, your church receives money.

How much money can come back to your church?

At Rx Aid, we use a straight pay system. The more that a church’s unique code is used during checkout at the pharmacy, the more money they can receive.

$1.00 per commissionable use.

It is the highest pay for a distributor in the country. Our product is ready for every state in the US except for Massachusetts.

The more times that your unique code is used, the more money that your church can receive. One “use” is one prescription that is discounted using this card; if a person fills multiple prescriptions, each discounted prescription is considered a use. The more participants that your church has, the money that your church can receive. Again, there is no limit to the number of times that this your unique code can be used.

What do you need to do?

Your church prints the church specific discount card with the information you already currently send home, such as fliers, newsletters, and other forms of printed information. Also posting on your web site helps. Beyond that how you continue to promote the program is up to you.

What service do we offer?

At Rx Aid we specialize in providing non-insurance benefits to help to those who have fallen through the “gaps” in traditional healthcare. Since medications are a health requirement for many, the cost can become a serious financial burden. We have found a possible solution to alleviate some of the financial burden and create a source of passive funding at the same time. We have several programs available but for churches we have created a specific project around our free prescription discount card.

This free prescription discount card and is available in all states except Massachusetts. Please note, this is not insurance. People with and without insurance can save up to 85% on their medications. We currently offer discounts on over 4000 medications. We have the full list of medications that this covers on our website. There is no sign up fee for this program.

How does it work? 

We take the money that would traditionally be used for advertising and redirect it back to your congregation in the form of a monthly participation reimbursement. Churches receive monthly payments for each medication that participants receive a discount on. We set you up with a unique identifying code that is printed on the free prescription discount card and give you your very own web page and card template to direct people to. 

Who can use the free prescription discount card?

Anyone who needs a prescription that we have a discount for filled in the US, with the exception of Massachusetts, is eligible for a discount regardless of whether they have insurance or not. There is no requirement that person needs to be employed by your church or be a member of the congregation. The person using the free prescription discount card doesn’t even have to be in the same state. There is no upper or lower limit on the number of people using the prescription card or on the number of usages for your church.

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